Where is Lincoln Earth Day event?

Nebraska Innovation Campus, 2021 Transformation Drive,  Lincoln, Nebraska 68508

What time does it start?

LED event starts from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Where can I find the fun, down-to-earth activities organized for the LED?

Visit our website and Facebook page for the full schedule/itinerary of the day.

How can I get involved?

There are various ways to get involved in Lincoln Earth Day (LED):

  1. Volunteer – Volunteers are always needed to make Lincoln Earth Day a fun, successful event. See the Volunteer Sign-Up web page All volunteers are required to sign a Liability Release for volunteers over 18 years or by completing the liability waiver for those under 18 years.
  2. Donate/Sponsor – Lincoln Earth Day is a 501-C-3 nonprofit organization. Donations/Sponsorship help foster LED mission and vision of environmental stewardship in our community. Your donations are tax deductible. See the Donate or  Sponsorship page.
  3. Membership – Be a member and help support LED missions and visions. LED members work together to help make Earth Day possible every year. If interested, email us at info@lincolnearthday.org

Do I need a Booth and when is the registration deadline?

LED gives businesses an opportunity to showcase and celebrate their love for the environment through innovation, education, health & wellness, and many other eco-friendly programs. Want your business to be part of EARTH DAY, register for a Booth by March 23, 2020. For questions, email booths@lincolnearthday.org.

When can I start setting up my booth?

LED will have booths ready for business by 8:30 am. Businesses can start setting up around between 8:30 am – 9:00 am.  All booths should be set up by 9:45 am. If you have any accommodation requests, please contact us at booths@lincolnearthday.org.

Where to park? Is it Free?

If you need to drive via electric or gas powered vehicle, free parking exists on the North side of Nebraska Innovation Campus. We will also have plenty of bike parking and we recommend that you consider the below alternate modes of transportation to the Earth Day event to reduce carbon emissions

  1. Bike to Earth Day event (bike racks are available)
  2. Take the Bus.
  3. Utilize Ride-share
  4. Carpool to free up limited parking spaces.

Will there be food & drink?

There will be various local food vendors available where you may purchase meal at your expense. However, you may bring your own food and refreshments. It is important you stay healthy and hydrated as you explore Earth Day event. There will also be water fountains by the Jayne Snyder Trail Center and via one of our booth attendees Aqua Systems on the south end of the site.

What happens if we get bad weather?

Lincoln Earth Day goes on even if we get bad weather. It’s all part of the beautiful dynamic of the earth. The event will be moved inside the building where the booths and activities will continue.

Canvassing Guidelines

Exhibitors and vendors of the event are restricted to their booth location for outreach. Individuals may not canvas for signatures throughout the event. Please respect attendees and allow them to come up to your booth if they are interested. You are more than welcome to collect signatures or contact information at your booth.

Endorsements Guidelines

While advocacy certainly plays an important role in addressing environmental issues, the Lincoln Earth Day Coalition does not allow booth exhibitors to directly promote or support specific candidates. Organizations with political connections may share information about particular issues, but must not distribute information regarding any particular candidate. You can however inform visitors how your party is identified on ballots (.e.g. I= Independent, R=Republican and D=Democrat). Lastly, you can provide your local website where people can choose to learn more about your positions, party and candidates. Again, you cannot specifically endorse candidates.