Lincoln Earth Day is made possible by a coalition of volunteers. Meet the coalition members who help make Earth Day possible every year for the Lincoln community, and what brings them to this work.

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Olabimpe Airiohuodion

Olabimpe brings public health expertise to the Lincoln Earth Day coalition, thanks to her work at the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Dept. She joined the LED team because the vision and mission of fostering environmental sustainability align with her personal values. For Olabimpe, the activities, awareness, and the coming together of diverse group of people makes Earth Day exciting. “The earth is a beautiful place, and it is more beautiful because of the holistic dynamics of the ecosystem (living and nonliving existence),” she says. In her spare time, you can find Olabimpe spending quality time with friends, practicing yoga, and having meaningful conversations over a cup of tea.

Brittney Albin

Brittney is the Sustainability Coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition to become more engaged with the environmental community in Lincoln. As the booth registration coordinator for Lincoln Earth Day, Brittney is most excited not only for the return of our long represented organizations in the community, but also to see some new faces indicating that environmental efforts are growing in the Lincoln community. She would love to see Lincoln become a leader in waste diversion through continued growth of recycling opportunities and even municipal composting. In her free time, Brittney enjoys grabbing a coffee from The Mill (the Telegraph location is her favorite), and spending time with friends at trivia nights downtown.

Melissa Baker

Melissa is a mother, yogi, and a regenerative agriculture activist employed by GC Resolve, GC Revolt, and James Arthur Vineyard. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day board of directors to help ensure that her community’s Earth Day event grows and inspires year after year. This year, she is most looking forward to Josh Hoyer’s musical performance, and a speech given by Ted Genoways. (Check out our schedule to learn more!) When Melissa is not working on regenerative local food access and clean energy issues, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and practicing yoga.

Ryan Becker

Ryan is an Environmental Health Educator with the City of Lincoln Solid Waste Management Dept. He joined the Lincoln Earth Day Coalition to become more involved in the Lincoln community. “It is a really great opportunity to teach people that we have a growing need for environmental stewardship, and we can have fun while also treating others and the environment around us with respect,” he says. Ryan is most looking forward to the diversity of individuals who will enjoy Lincoln Earth Day in April because this year’s event will have lots of music, activities, and food! In his spare time, Ryan enjoys the 131 miles of trails that Lincoln has to offer. Fishing, camping, snowboarding, and backpacking are all seasonal occurrences for this Lincolnite.

Carolyn Butler

Carolyn is an environmental activist employed by the Nebraska Wildlife Federation and her very own nonprofit, High Level Happiness. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition to support environmental programs and give back to the Lincoln community. She’s most looking forward to the variety of activities, especially the expert speakers who will give presentations on key eco-friendly topics at Lincoln Earth Day. Carolyn would like to see Lincoln rapidly shift away from the use of fossil fuels and commit to a 100% clean energy. In her spare time, Carolyn enjoys spending time with her family, enjoying the outdoors, and relaxing on her hardwood tree farm in the Republic of Panama.

Willa DiCostanzo

Willa is the Waste Diversion Coordinator for the City of Lincoln, and has been involved with Lincoln Earth Day since it was rejuvenated through the Cleaner Greener Lincoln initiative. She knows that Lincoln Earth Day is one of the largest environmental education events in the heart of Lincoln. “Each year I see the joy on the faces of families, children, adults, and booth attendees.? That is why I want to be a part of this Coalition and help this event come to fruition annually.? It’s a great way to meet and learn from so many people in our community,” she says. Willa would like to see Lincoln become more sustainable in waste diversion policies through waste reduction techniques and by creating a culture of reuse prior to that resource being disposed of in the recycle bin or the landfill. In her free time, Willa enjoys spending time with her family, updating the house, and gardening.

Kurt Elder

Kurt is an Urban Planner with the City of Lincoln, and also the owner of a small business called Information Art. He initially joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition because the long standing community event was in jeopardy of not occurring. At a Mayor’s Environmental Task Force meeting, he joined the ranks of Brittney Albin and Willa DiCostanzo because he’s not one to let friends take on projects alone. Kurt’s expertise lies in building dedicated sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for Lincoln Earth Day. When it comes to his free time, Kurt says, “I enjoy hotdogs and beer… usually both at baseball games. Above all, I enjoy time together outside with my better half. She’s pretty great.”

Amanda Gangwish

Amanda is a program manager at the Nebraska Conservation Voters, where she oversees a statewide conservation education program called Common Ground. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition because she believes educating the public about environmental issues is extremely important. “Lincoln Earth Day creates a situation where everyone can learn and grow in their conservation practices,” she says. Amanda is most excited to see the city of Lincoln come together for an amazing event that is truly focused on conservation and environmental stewardship. She hopes Lincoln will adopt progressive practices surrounding clean energy and water conservation. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.

Hannah Jones

Hannah is an employee at the Nebraska Game & Parks Commission. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition to give back to her community. This year, Hannah is most excited about the activities and booths that will cater to all age groups, offering opportunities to learn and engage. In terms of environmental sustainability, Hannah would like to see Lincoln offer a variety of public transit options,?maintain strong environmental regulations,?and work toward state-of-art control equipment to ensure Lincoln’s residents are protected from air and water pollution. In her spare time, she enjoys camping, spending time with family, and taking her dog on long walks at Nine Mile Prairie.

Megan Lyons

As a new Lincolnite, Megan joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition after meeting some wonderful people in the environmental sector who have helped her follow her passions as she redefines her career goals in a new part of the country. At this year’s Lincoln Earth Day event, Megan is most excited to connect with people of all ages united through love of the planet. Megan?would like to see Lincoln adopt all possible aspects of environmental sustainability, including public transit, and in turn become a leader city in green jobs. In her free time, she enjoys exploring parks and museums.