Who We Are

Lincoln Earth Day is made possible by a coalition of volunteers. Meet the coalition members who help make Earth Day possible every year for the Lincoln community, and what brings them to this work.

To join our team, send a message to info@lincolnearthday.org.

Brittney Albin

Brittney is the Sustainability Coordinator for Lincoln Public Schools. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition in 2016 to become more engaged with the environmental community in Lincoln. Brittney is a member of the Lincoln Earth Day – Booths Committee.

Melissa Baker

Melissa is a mother, yogi, and a regenerative agriculture activist employed by GC Resolve, GC Revolt, and James Arthur Vineyard. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day board of directors to help ensure that her community’s Earth Day event grows and inspires year after year. This year, she is most looking forward to Josh Hoyer’s musical performance, and a speech given by Ted Genoways. (Check out our schedule to learn more!) When Melissa is not working on regenerative local food access and clean energy issues, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and practicing yoga.

Willa DiCostanzo

Willa DiCostanzo

Willa is the Waste Diversion Coordinator for the City of Lincoln. She enjoys being a part of this Coalition because it is a great way to learn, educate and meet so many people in our community. “Education is critical to provide to the public,”, said Willa, “Especially about the management of waste and how our everyday decisions impact our waste footprint we leave for future generations”.

Kurt Elder

Kurt is an Urban Planner with the City of Lincoln, and also the owner of a small business called Information Art. He initially joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition because the long standing community event was in jeopardy of not occurring. At a Mayor’s Environmental Task Force meeting, he joined the ranks of Brittney Albin and Willa DiCostanzo because he’s not one to let friends take on projects alone. Kurt’s expertise lies in building dedicated sponsorship and fundraising opportunities for Lincoln Earth Day. When it comes to his free time, Kurt says, “I enjoy hotdogs and beer… usually both at baseball games. Above all, I enjoy time together outside with my better half. She’s pretty great.”

Amanda Gangwish

Amanda is a program manager at the Nebraska Conservation Voters, where she oversees a statewide conservation education program called Common Ground. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition because she believes educating the public about environmental issues is extremely important. “Lincoln Earth Day creates a situation where everyone can learn and grow in their conservation practices,” she says. Amanda is most excited to see the city of Lincoln come together for an amazing event that is truly focused on conservation and environmental stewardship. She hopes Lincoln will adopt progressive practices surrounding clean energy and water conservation. In her spare time, Amanda enjoys reading, watching Netflix, and hanging out with friends and family.

Megan Lyons

As a new Lincolnite, Megan joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition after meeting some wonderful people in the environmental sector who have helped her follow her passions as she redefines her career goals in a new part of the country. At this year’s Lincoln Earth Day event, Megan is most excited to connect with people of all ages united through love of the planet. Megan would like to see Lincoln adopt all possible aspects of environmental sustainability, including public transit, and in turn become a leader city in green jobs. In her free time, she enjoys exploring parks and museums.

Melissa Mercier

Melissa Mercier

Melissa is the Director of Organics and Sustainability for Waste to Energy Lincoln & Uribe Refuse Services. She joined the Lincoln Earth Day coalition when she moved to Lincoln in 2019 to engage with the community. She is a member of both the Lincoln Earth Day – Logistics and Booths Committee.