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Join us to share stories, experiences, inspire, and connect with amazing women leading and learning in the sustainability field.

Steadfast and strong. For the Women in Green community, these words are deeply resonant and capture how women have adapted and endured in an unthinkable year. So, it’s fitting to know these words are also used to mark our10th anniversary – a decade together.

This year, Women in Green celebrates a decade-long journey of shifting the narrative and empowering women leaders in green building and sustainability. It’s been 10 years of progress and 10 years of contributing to USGBC’s larger mission of creating a healthier, more sustainable future for all. But this past year tested women like never before. And the reality is we’re already seeing the effects. In the U.S., women’s workforce participation is at a 33-year low and we know women of color feel these impacts more acutely. Serious economic, health, social and environmental challenges await us as we look to the road ahead. But they are challenges that make Women in Green more important than ever. Challenges that also reinforce USGBC’s larger strategy of healthy people in healthy places is the fastest way to rebuild a healthy economy.

We’ll feature Women in Green events across the nation to celebrate our achievements over the last decade and set our intentions for moving forward through this challenging time. In the West North Central we’ll host two events as opportunities to connect, discuss and learn from one another. Plus don’t miss our anniversary celebration at Greenbuild in the Fall.

Rebuilding our economy will require different perspectives, new ideas and the courage to challenge what we think we know. Women in Green has been steadfast in its work over the past decade and the foundation we’ve created will serve us well as we embark on the next one. Are you up for the challenge?

Join us April 29 to hear from an amazing panel of women from across our region leading at the forefront of sustainability, resiliency, equity, and health. We are thrilled to have Dianne Dillon-Ridgely from Iowa City, IA at the helm our panel discussion. Featured in USGBC Equity Series and Sheroes nominations last year, Ms. Dillon-Ridgely is a lifelong advocate for human rights, female empowerment, and sustainability. Read more about Ms. Dillon-Ridgely, here.

We are grateful to welcome the following outstanding leaders to our panel discussion:

Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird | Lincoln, NE

Councilwoman Lindsey Constance | Shawnee, KS

Councilwoman Melissa Robinson | Kansas City, MO

You don’t want to miss this discussion, followed be an opportunity for small group discussion. Register today!

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