Booth Exhibitor Guidelines

Here are a few of our guidelines for you to review prior to registration. More details will be sent to all of our registered exhibitors once the event is closer. 

Check-In & Set Up:

Check–in and set up will take place between 9 a.m. to 9:45 a.m. and a map indicating the unloading zone will be sent to all registered exhibitors. All participants must be set up by 10 a.m. Upon check-in, booth participants will be given a number that is assigned to a booth table. If you are part of a group, there are specific tables set aside for your organization.

Volunteers are available to help you find your booth area as well as help you carry items.

Booth areas are the length of your provided table, 6 feet x 2 feet. One chair will be provided for each booth.

Weather Contingency Plan

One of the many exciting benefits of our new location is that we now have a much better weather day plan! Lincoln Earth Day will go on rain or shine. In the event of bad weather, all booths will be moved inside to the Nebraska Innovation Campus Link hallways and first floor of the conference center. 

Zero Waste

Lincoln Earth Day strongly encourages businesses and vendors and all participants in the event to be environmentally focused. As Zero Waste is our guiding principle, we recommend the shift to using eco-friendly (biodegradable, compostable and recyclable) materials that supports this principle.  Let’s minimize the use of ‘Single-Use’ plastics.

Eligible Organizations / Businesses 

We can’t wait to see all of the great ways our local businesses and organizations are supporting environmental practices and lifestyles. All registrations will be reviewed for their connection to environmental initiatives and ability to provide an engaging and interactive experience. Please be prepared to clearly explain those components when filling an application. 

Outreach and Advocacy

While advocacy certainly plays an important role in addressing environmental issues, the Lincoln Earth Day Coalition does not allow booth exhibitors to directly promote or support specific candidates. Organizations with political connections may share information about particular issues, but must not distribute information regarding any particular candidate. You can however inform visitors how your party is identified on ballots (.e.g. I= Independent, R=Republican and D=Democrat). Lastly, you can provide your local website where people can choose to learn more about your positions, party and candidates. Again, you cannot specifically endorse candidates.

Exhibitors and vendors of the event are restricted to their booth location for outreach. Individuals may not canvas for signatures throughout the event. Please respect attendees and allow them to come up to your booth if they are interested. You are more than welcome to collect signatures or contact information at your booth. 

Late Registration

The deadline to register a booth is March 29, 2024. Any booth exhibitors inquiries after that date are not guaranteed. 


Registration alone does not guarantee a spot at our Lincoln Earth Day event, nor does registration alone guarantee the right to participate in a event. The Lincoln Earth Day Coalition will review applications after the booth registration deadline and determine accepted booths based on their connections to environmental initiatives and ability to provide an engaging and interactive experience and available space at our event location.