The Lincoln Earth Day Coalition is excited to announce we are hosting a virtual Earth Day celebration in lieu of the in-person event TODAY Saturday, April 25th. Please head over to our Schedules & Events page for more details on how you can participate today or view them at a later date!



The Lincoln Earth Day Celebration is an annual celebration Lincoln, Nebraska. Our exciting community event has approximately 2,500 attendees annually and our Coalition wants you to join in the fun.

Please tell your friends, families and coworkers about Lincoln Earth Day and join us this for this years environmental education and family fun!

Join Our Team

Interested in helping put on the Lincoln Earth Day celebration? Join our coalition of volunteers and help our team make the 2020 Lincoln Earth Day our best event yet! We have a range of opportunities available from fundraising, booth exhibitor coordination, event logistics, and more! Check out our application to learn more. 


We are grateful for all of the support from the community to help us put on this free educational and engaging event each year. Please consider donating to Lincoln Earth Day and continuing that support for our 2020 celebration.

Our Mission:

Lincoln Earth Day’s mission is to celebrate and foster environmental stewardship, education and sustainable living.

Our Vision:

Lincoln Earth Day’s vision is to strengthen the Lincoln communities network that supports environmental awareness and helps to create a culture committed to health and equity.

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